Meet Cameron Bodenstadt

Founding Partner⎪Digital Marketing

Cam's Story

Cameron has had the entrepreneurial bug since a young age. Before graduating high school, Cam had already launched a successful business, C&C Windshield Repair, from which he utilized the proceeds from the business to fund his real-estate education. Days after turning 18 and becoming eligible to practice real estate, Cameron began selling houses.

Then, the 2008 crash hit. Fortunately, Cameron adapted quickly, and soon he was marketing for other real estate agents that were struggling to stay afloat. After five years of honing his marketing skills, Cameron enlisted in the United States Navy. Between navigating the Frigate and standing watch, Cameron utilized what little free time he had to continue driving revenues for clients back home. Five years of honorable service, two deployments, and a book of happy clients later, Cameron returned to Texas with his family and to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.

Now, Cameron spends his days doing what he loves: adding value. Typically this means architecting highly scalable digital marketing campaigns that convert targeted leads at killer customer acquisition cost to life time value ratios. In layman’s terms, Cameron drives revenues. Hard.


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Social Media Content
Influencer Marketing
Brand Strategy
Twitter Ads
Funnel Optimization
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