Meet Paula Pettit

Associate⎪Business Development

Paula's Story

Paula has always had an interest in technology and innovation. During her time as a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, she started and ran an acapella group and successfully took it from a small group of kids with an idea to the premiere group on campus charging upwards of $1,000 per show. While not technically a business, watching her ideas for the group come to life and seeing everything come together just like she had imagined, officially sparked her interest in entrepreneurship as a career.

In her senior year of college, using just the funds from her summer internship, she started Parcel22 – a clothing rental subscription for women. As the sole founder of Parcel22 she learned every aspect of necessary and oversaw the product from idea to market launch and operations. As a female founder, she is very passionate about promoting other women in tech and startups and has spoken on multiple panels including Bumble’s Women In Business. She ran Parcel22 for two years before getting acquired.

In the past year, she has focused her attention on cryptocurrency and the Blockchain and is very excited about its implications in the near future.


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