Meet Alex Elliott

Senior Associate⎪Data Analysis

Alex's Story

From a young age, Alex knew his career would be driven by his creative passions and desire to collaborate for the benefit of society. Frustrated by market crashes and unethical financial managers, Alex became fixated on developing and sharing robust investment strategies across a variety of asset classes. 

Alex earned his BSBA with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduation, Alex managed a portfolio of commercial real estate and hotels valued at $150 million. His recommendations as a financial manager resulted in substantial increases in net operating income, with specific projects returning over 300% return on investment. 

Alex left California to pursue consulting across several industries, including technology, pharmaceutical, and hospitality. He maintains a mature understanding of financial engineering and is an experienced web developer set on expanding his skillset with Solidity and smart contract development.


Financial Engineering
Data Analysis
Investment Management
Financial Reporting
Web Development
Video Production